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About NTC Lifeworks

NTC Lifeworks was founded in honor of my two sons Nicholas and Thomas. I wanted to spread the word about what I learned about Resiliency and how to grow stronger through adversity. My goal is to show you that you CAN have great success and at the same time achieve a richer, more fulfilling life. You CAN get out of hustle mode and find more balance while still making bank. But first I ask you, what does true success look like to you?

I’m Michelle, Life Enrichment Guide for burnt out and busy as hell CEO’s who need help overcoming life's challenges and turn obstacles into starting blocks.

I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty as we dig into the real issues that hold you back.

about NTC Lifeworks

What’s Your Bottleneck?

Trying to do everything yourself

"Imposter syndrome" and constant comparison to peers

A disparity between your business plan and your bank account

Feeling spread thin and burnt out

Feeling empty because you've lost track of what's important

Spending your time instead of investing in your business

Your business is off track and you're not seeing results

Missing out on important events because you're “busy with work”


Learn To Wake Up Each Day Excited About Your Plans and Goals!

Michelle Cleveland

Professional Bio

Born in Prague, but raised in the USA I grew up in two vastly different cultures. I married my college sweetheart, an Army officer, and began moving all over the US as well as a tour in Germany. Living in so many places and having experienced the different cultures helps me connect with people from all over the globe. As a mother and advocate for children on the Autism spectrum I know and truly understand the various learning modes and the importance of engaging with learners in more than one way.

With over 20 years of sales and business experience I have a thorough understanding of many facets of work and business life. I’ve worked in the corporate setting as well as home based and have first hand knowledge of the challenges and benefits of both. With my diverse life and work experiences I not only bring a wealth of knowledge, but also a different perspective to training.