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Zoom call for young entrepreneurs

The LevelUp Collaborative For Young Entrepreneurs

Do you ever feel stuck? That your business isn’t growing like it should? Would you like to…

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Yet another take on Mindfulness

Yes, it’s the flavor of the month in self-help right now, but it really is important. I’d…

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Why being the nice guy hurts everyone

So many managers devote hours and hours and loads of resources trying to develop someone who just…

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Get Your Head Down & Push Through

You’ve heard it before, just get your head down and push through. Is that really the best…

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The Gift of Failure

“You learn the most from the hard times.” This was the response MotoGP World Champion Fabio Quartararo gave when a reporter pressed him…

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Fake it Til You Make It

What do you do on days when you’re just not feeling it? You know what I mean,…

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I Think I Know You

Here I am in Austin TX to see the premier motorcycle riders in the World Championship series…

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Don’t Be A Lemming

What’s a lemming and why don’t you want to be one? I’m not talking about the little rodent. I’m…

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I Get No Respect

How do you show respect? How do you let people in your life know that they are…

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Three Components To Live Resiliently

Click here to read a transcription of the video Since 2018 I’ve made it my mission to…

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