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Getting frustrated with friends and family who see you as “available” even though you’re “at work”? Are you comfortable and more importantly effective in the space you’re working in? Do you need ideas for handling interruptions?

Doing the coffee cup commute definitely has its rewards but, as you have probably experienced by now, many challenges!

This is a half hour interactive virtual meeting during which you will learn best practices and strategies for this different way to work. In this interactive half hour you will learn:

How to achieve a "being at work" mind set

Work area decisions/requirements

Setting boundaries

Handling interruptions

Setting your work schedule, and sticking to it!

Handling business calls and meetings

Open Lap Policy

“Is anyone Bleeding, Dying, or About to??”


“I’ve wanted to start a motorcycle business for years, but never had the self-discipline to hold myself accountable to make it happen. After working with Michelle for just a few months, I’ve shocked myself at how much I’ve accomplished and I can’t wait to see where this relationship takes me - professionally and personally.”

Brittany Hughes


“After Michelle's session, not only did I learn better management, I also learned what's really important in my life and was able to create my own daily schedule to my liking.”