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Staff sitting around boardroom table

You Want

  • A happier, more engaged team
  • Higher productivity
  • Increased revenue
Staff sitting around boardroom table

We Can Help You

  • Create a collaborative environment for accountability
  • Improve team engagement
  • Equip your team to perform at peak efficiency

Our Method

We begin with a Gap assessment to evaluate current training initiatives to determine where NTC Lifeworks will provide significant ROI. Some of the areas we address-


Time Management

Our training and solutions are customized for industry and the individual. Where many methods fail is understanding that there is no one size fits all solution.

By getting to know and understand your company’s priorities and team member’s daily job functions and work style we help them learn how to prioritize and execute for greater efficiency and effectiveness.



We begin with a productivity assessment. Are all your goals, from team to individual, in alignment with corporate and team priorities and Core Values? We then work with your team to develop individualized plans for each team and team member. The key element is then connecting these goals to the daily habits that will result in the achievement of those goals.

We also encourage your teams to use this same methodology for personal goals. This addresses team members’ effectiveness and engagement. You’ll have healthier, happier, and more motivated teams to get more done faster!


Work From Home Strategies

The WFH environment presents unique challenges and opportunities. By making sure your teams are set up for success not only with the right equipment for their job function, but also a strategy. We address everything from children and animals in the home to getting into an ‘at the office’ mindset. With over 20 years of WFH experience we provide proven methods to address most of the challenges that affect your team when their office is in their home.

We also offer management strategies to improve engagement with team members, colleagues, and clients with virtual interaction.



The team shares what they discovered on their personal journey from tragedy to thriving. The program offers ways to proactively prepare for the challenges that life presents.

Presentations can be customized for audience and length from 15 – 45 minutes.

We offer free assessments for customized solutions. Inquiries should be addressed to or use the contact link below to schedule time to discuss your needs.

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