What does it really mean? More importantly how do you DO it?


  1. To turn or cause to turn in place, as on a hinge or fixed point, tracing an arc like path: swing, wheel.
  2. To change direction or course
  3. A person or thing on which something turns, hinges, or depends: She was the pivot of the campaign's success.
Skateboard flip

It’s really about Resiliency!

There are two key points here-

  • A change in direction or course is involved
  • YOU are the pivot point. You are what everything in your life, business, etc. turns upon.

Just like the little guy on his skateboard as he goes along, you need to pivot to get over each obstacle. Just like skateboarding you’ll get better and better at it the more you practice!

Yes, sometimes that means you’ll fall on your behind. Sometimes when you do there will be lots of people watching.

To quote my favorite MotoGP motorcycle racer, Fabio Quartararo “You learn the most from the hard times.”

You learn the most from the hard times.

In 2019 he had lots of very public failures with millions of people watching. He’s back in 2020 with a pocket full of lessons though and he’s the fastest racer on the track and leading in the battle for the world championship.