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Our mission is to save lives. We help you discover your core values, which becomes the foundation of all of the decisions you make, your goals, and your happiness.

~ In memory of Nicholas and Thomas ~

In 2016 I lost two of my four children to suicide.

Over the next few years people would tell me how they admired my strength or just compliment me on how I was doing after such a tragedy. I began to wonder what the difference was between myself and others who were still struggling.

I found that there are key elements we can control and work on that can help us through those tough times. It is out of a desire to help others benefit from what I’ve learned about resiliency through adversity that NTC Lifeworks was born, in honor of Nicholas and Thomas.

Our purpose is to equip you to enrich your life.

Semicolon tattoo

The semicolon has special meaning for me. When a writer uses a semicolon in a sentence he is continuing the thought instead of using the period to end it.

In 2016 two of my sons chose not to use a semicolon and placed a period on their lives. The semicolons on my shoulder are bleeding out leaving just the two periods. My journey through the aftermath has given me a new purpose.

Through programs and training I help others prepare for challenges and enrich their lives. I also advocate for Suicide Awareness and Prevention.

Suicide Resources

Please refer to our Hotline and Resources page on Project 24 Seven:

Suicide has a much greater impact than you can ever imagine. If you need help, REACH OUT! You are not alone!