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Come ready to work and learn as these are hands on sessions!

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Master Time Management: Customized Efficiency Training

Do you feel defeated by days that seem to drag on without any real focus? Do you get to the end of your day and find that although you were busy, the most important things didn’t get done? Are you frequently late for meetings or appointments?

Through my Customized Efficiency Training, I’ll help you increase productivity by improving efficiency and focus. Here’s what we’ll discover together:

  • How to prioritize your day/week/ life
  • How to tame the Email Monster
  • Tools to stay focused to get the job done
  • Identify your time management style

And I give you all the steps, support, and space when you sign up for a one-hour one-on-one session designed to master your time and master your destiny.

This is for you if:

You struggle with setting boundaries

You want to learn the importance and value of Delegation to your team/company

What’s included:

  • Get a Grip Time Management Workbook (a $59.98 value)
  • Continued email support for one month after the session
  • 15% Discount on your first purchase of Get a Grip Day Planner pages
  • Optional follow-up scheduling session: 30 min $100

Vision Creation Program

Are you looking for help creating the right goals to get the results you need? Do you recognize that you can make progress faster by clarifying your vision, but aren’t sure where to start? My Vision Creation Program can help you make sure your vision is built on a solid foundation.

Is this the right program for you? Ask yourself these questions:

Are you struggling to achieve personal and professional goals?

Are you unclear on which daily habits will make you successful?

Are you restrained by perceived limitations?

Are your efforts yielding any significant progress?

If you answered yes to any of the first three questions, the Vision Creation Intensive program will teach you:

  • How to really move the needle for your personal and professional goals
  • How to create personalized success habits for the way you think and live
  • How to stay focused and on track to achieve goals

During the session, I’ll provide you with the tools needed to be successful, including:

  • My Vision Chronometer, a Goals Workbook valued at $59.96 separately
  • One month of dedicated email support


  • The Vision Creator System, a Goals Workbook included in the Intensive program: $59.96 value
  • Get A Grip workbook for the Time Management Intensive


“I’ve wanted to start a motorcycle business for years, but never had the self-discipline to hold myself accountable to make it happen. After working with Michelle for just a few months, I’ve shocked myself at how much I’ve accomplished and I can’t wait to see where this relationship takes me - professionally and personally.”

Brittany Hughes


“After Michelle's session, not only did I learn better management, I also learned what's really important in my life and was able to create my own daily schedule to my liking.”