The LevelUp Collaborative For Young Entrepreneurs

Do you ever feel stuck? That your business isn’t growing like it should?

Would you like to meet up with other entrepreneurs to brainstorm, hear what’s working and what isn’t, and tap into a community of your peers?

Then join in at 7pm Eastern the first Tuesday of every month to become part of an amazing group to grow better and faster while meeting colleagues rowing their boats in the same current!

There is no charge and there is no data collection. Just an open group.

AGENDA (timing is approximate):

  • Training or guest speaker- 15 min.
  • Share something you are proud of, or a lesson learned the previous month- 5 min.
  • Share a challenge you would like to discuss- 10 min.
  • DIG IN! Collaborate and share ideas and insights to discover the lessons and opportunities- 30 min.
  • This meeting is scheduled for an extra 30 minutes in case conversation runs over or there are additional questions for Michelle.Zoom Meeting

Send a message to get the zoom link!

Zoom call for young entrepreneurs